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- What is the physical quality like?
- What is the sound quality?
- Is there a warranty?
- How can these prices be possible?

- What is the difference between the 3/4 and the full sized violin?
- My question is not here. How can I find out more?

student violin
beginner violin

The physical quality of these violins is excellent. You will be able to do exactly the same things with this violin that you can do with violins costing far more. They are solid and durably built from quality hardwoods, adhesives, and other fittings.

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The sound quality is superb, these are a beautiful combination of spruce topboard and maple back board for a sweet, clear resonating sound. While there is nothing better than a named Straduvarius, the sound quality of these instruments will in no way impede the student's learning.

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The warranty and the time period for returns is 10 days.

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These violins are made overseas by seasoned craftsmen to exacting standards. Like many other items in the US today, for better and for worse, these violins are a product of the global economy.

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The Full-sized Violin measures 23-1/2 inches long, and its bow measures in at 28-3/4inches long. The 3/4 violin measures 22-1/4 inches long, and its bow measures 27-1/2 inches long. Both weigh 5 pounds and come with custom cases in addition to the bows.

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student violins and beginner violins less than used violin prices